Pre-Owned Condos

We represent 7 units for sale at the original Eagles Nest Resort ranging from $84,900 to $115,000.  All units have access to the amenities at The Landing are are part of the Landing Nightly Rental program if interested.  And for all of these units there is documented rental history available. 

Walk-in units include 24-4 Chickadee Ct for $93,900 which is the newest unit in Eagles Nest with sprinklers, fire alarm and other multiple upgrades and 3-3 Woodpecker Ln for $84,900 which is closest to the outdoor pool and hot tub. 

There are also 4 lower level units including 4-1 Woodpecker Ln for $89,900, 15-1 Woodpecker Ln for $89,800, 20-1 Goldfinch Dr for $91,000 and 27-1 Chickadee Ct for $92,900.

There is also one upper level unit at 39-5 Lantern Bay Ln listed at $115,000 and was just remodeled in 2016.

Please contact Kevin Stehlin at the clubhouse at 866.811.8241 or with any questions or to see these units.